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Working on a Fanzine / Book for TurboGrafx-16


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Well since my Card Fighter Project had ended I've been looking for some large project to get my hands on. A couple weeks ago I came up with the idea to make a book, dedicated to the TG16 in the US. The basic gist will be: History on the TurboGrafx stateside along with all their American system and games, completely unbiased as to not give my opinions on the game. I will have a section for codes and a section specifically for collectors so they can make sure they have all they need and want. I would love to make some money off of this project and hopefully get blessings from Hudson Soft, but I'm not holding my breath. Even if this is released souly just to the interwebs as a PDF/CBR I will be happy with that. Recently I have been able to get a small team helping out with this (2 people besides me). The book when finished will be under 200 pgs but more than 150 (I don't have the full layout yet)and will be published by lulu.com (again unless it turns out that a publisher might be interested). If released on lulu I will keep the book at $0 profit just so the people who are interested can get it at the best price possible.

Basically what I'm looking for is someone who enjoys writing and is good at it. Will be willing to do short writ-ups on the game, not reviews. And anyone who has TG16/CD games that would be willing to scan the manuals and HuCard/CDs for me. So far I've been buying as many games as I can just so that I can scan them because not many people are coming forward with the scans.

If your interested please PM and I'll give you some more details. If you already have my email just drop me a letter and I'll follow up there.

Here is the mock-up that I did today for the cover. The inner details have not been released to anyone but the team so far.

This of course is a very low-res version of the WIP.


By darakutenshi at 2010-09-18

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Slowly at the moment due to other obligations. Right now I'm focusing on the overall design and trying to finish the mock-up. I've got enough scans and photos that I can start putting everything together but I really need to just sit down and finish the mock before I do anything more. I had to work on the cover and part of the inside of the book just to have something to show to people interested so they know that I can at least handle myself. That may be why I've not had very many people come forward to help get me scans because I had nothing to show for myself.

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I recently came into a possession of a TG-16 myself. Its an interesting little console! The games resemble the NES in terms of gameplay, but the graphics and sound are considerably more sophisticated, although not quite at the level of the SNES.

I'd love to have a Turbo-CD, but... alas... expensive.

Anyway, the pages you've posted so far look great! I'd be interested in seeing it once it's completed.

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