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The Official Nintendo Player's Guide...

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Some time ago, out of boredom, I was browsing over at's section on really old 80's Nintendo stuff. All was well, when I suddenly found this:

I was shocked. I remember having this when I was a little kid. It had a ton of reviews, and some short guides and tips on a myriad of games. But then I remembered... back when I was a little kid, there was this game I really wanted to play. I always kept asking for the name of this game, but nobody ever told me a straight answer (for whatever random or divine reason). I was five years old, and I couldn't read yet, so that's why I couldn't find out on my own.

But I remember CLEARLY seeing that game being covered within that book.

Now, I can't exactly describe what I remember, 'cuz all I could make out from my memories could only be understood by myself (I could associate stuff by colors). I'd need to SEE a given picture to say "THAT'S the game I've been wanting to play for the past 15 years". So I tried looking for said book over at your archives... nothing. Tried googling a possible scan somewhere else on the net... nothing.

It seems fate doesn't want me to find out what game it is. But I'm determined to overcome fate... with your help, of course. Would it be possible for someone to scan this legendary book, or at least... point me in the direction it's already been uploaded to? Seriously, I feel THIS close to finding out what game could I have been possibly deprived from for so long.

Thank you in advance.

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*shameless bump*

One week has gone by, no response. At least say you cant help so I can move on.

I downloaded time ago a section of that magazine containing only the Zelda I & II info from the Zelda Legends site, maybe the owner could help you with the other pages.


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It's actually fairly easy to grab one inexpensively on eBay if you're interested in owning the item.

If you just search "Nintendo Player's Guide nes" on eBay, there are a number of listings.

I acquired mine for less than 5 dollars (not including shipping), and it'd surprise me if you weren't able to do the same. I'd love to help in scanning, but I actually recently gave away my collection of old Nintendo guides to a good friend of mine.

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Man I have a scan of this SOMEWHERE in my myriad of backup CDs.. I took it from a site like emuparadise. It's not there anymore, though. Anyhow, here's a list of some of the games in the guide:

The Legend of Zelda

Double Dribble

Super Mario Brothers

Duck Hunt


Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong Junior Math



Mike Tyson's Punch Out!

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Kid Icarus


The Goonies II

Kung Fu

Many of these games are very very good. Hope this helps you.

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