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90s EGMs and Super Play mags for sale

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Hello hello! I haven't sold anything on this forum before, but my eBay feedback is here:

I've got these magazines up for sale... all are in VF+ condition, any serious flaws are noted. Fair shipping prices! Best offers take em.:

Electronic Gaming Monthly

- March, 1993: Starfox Cover

- April, 1993: Dracula cover

- May, 1993: Street Fighter 2 cover

- June, 1993, Mortal Kombat cover

- July, 1993: Jungle Strike/Jurassic Park cover. Gatefold cover is bent, but magazine is otherwise in great shape.

- August, 1993: Aero the Acrobat cover

- October, 1993: Super Street Figher 2 cover

- December, 1993: Eternal Champions cover. Gatefold cover is bent, back cover missing.

- November, 1994: Doom cover

- 1993 Video Game Buyer's Guide: Great condition! Not too easy to find.


- March, 1993: Ninja on cover, probably meant to reference article on Shinobi 3 within.

Super Play

- October, 1993: Issue 12. RPGs cover.

- March, 1994: Issue 17. Megaman X cover.

- April, 1994: Issue 18. RPGs cover.

- May, 1994: Issue 19. Fatal Fury 2 cover.

- June, 1994: Issue 20. Super Metroid cover.

- September, 1994: Issue 23. Kiki Kaikai 2 cover.

- October, 1994: Issue 24. Breath of Fire cover.

Thanks for looking! Message me for details or inquiries. Best of luck to you.

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