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mpx, work in progres

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Hello. In this topic i will post about old videogames magazines scans that I have upload to megaupload.

I am from Croatia and I have a lot of videogame magazines (mint and near mint) from 1995 do 2011 and in future I will starting scaning some of them.

For now I will only upload old videogame magazinese that I found on other web sites. I will upload magazines with permission of people who made the scans.

Tomaž from and Martin from gave mi permission to upload mgazines from their web sites to Retromags :)

I noticed lack of European magazines and i will upload old Yugoslav, Croatian, Serbian, Czech ana other east european nations video game magazines.

In near future I will scan and upload Croatian videogame magazines like Hacker (1994 - 2005), PC Play (1998 - 2010) - i will make scans for issues 0 to 10, PSX (1999 - 2002), HR PlayStation Magazine (1999 - 2001) - croatian edition of UK PSM and PlayStation Power HR (1999 - 2000 only 5 issues) - Croatian edition of UK Playstation Power.

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Here is my first magazine Master :D

This is first and only issue of Master. Master was Croatian magazine.

You can found it in international misc download section


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In my free time I will upload these magazines:

Megazin (Slovenia) - 10 issues

Excalibur (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) - 53 issues

Joystick (Czech Republic) - 5 issues

Riki (Czech Republic) - 24 issuess

Score (Czech Republic) - 32 issues

Level (Czech Republic) - 19 issues

And after that I will scan and upload croatian magazines like Hacker, PSX, GamePlay, PC Play..

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These are AMAZINGLY awesome!! Thanks so much for your work, mpx; I love seeing all the international stuff, and even if I can't read it, the pictures are a great trip down memory lane. :)



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