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Are video games *gulp* dying?

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No way, the gaming scene is still very strong and is now a lot more common of an interest nowadays.

In my opinion the gaming scene has now evolved into the era of gambling with their shady casino type ordeals and tactics. Heck I thought society they said gambling was wrong but disguise casino games with with amiibos,dlc, and and add pokemon to shuffle and well you have the recipe to make a addict/gambler. What's even more funny and ironic is that people said the arcade scene died when home consoles offered free play compared to the arcades money guzzling games. And now we have that very same arcade feel today with the money guzzling and buying a game twice 1. On store and 2. At home (dlc/amiibos) just to complete the game.

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I think if the gaming industry continues down the path it's on with 60 dollar unfinished games with sig pay to play business models (DLC packs, in store credits, cosmetic items for cash... We have all been frustrated with at least one of these in some fashion) it's gonna hit a rocky patch just like the Atari gaming crash. The companies were over reaching, overproducing, cheap two week games (I understand today's games are made by hundreds of people in some instances and over periods of years) and people finally said enough. I don't think gaming will ever go away but I think greed and profit margin priorities never help forward innovation and we're headed towards a similar situation as before. I don't know about you guys but I long for the days when u could just pop in a cartridge and enjoy a game in its entirety.

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Many of the more talented people in the industry are leaving the sinking ship. Go on GlassDoor, block their cookies with Umatrix, and read the reports on various developers and publishers. EA and (what's left of) iD are horrifying. For more fun, look up companies that operate call centers.

Now look up which companies are hiring within a 50 mile radius of your home.

Then look up the unemployment rate (not the fake numbers provided by the state).

Then get a bottle of bourbon and some Jonny Cash.

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I don't know where you are getting this from. Video games have never been more popular or mainstream as they are today. Even with more people using digital cameras and camcorders, there is still room to play games.

I think you are crazy :P

I was talking to my cousin about this over some beers tonight and I really do wonder if the only reason it's more popular than ever is because of 'our' generation. The generation that grew up with Nintendo or Sega. As we age and eventually get too old to 'en masse' care, will video games die off or saunter away? Will the incoming generations care enough to keep it going? I know I live in a 'age group' bubble considering how and where I consume my gaming but it's curious to think about. I look at my young nephew and see his interest in the kindle gaming over Nintendo (though he does enjoy a good Splatoon match and such).

Makes you think.

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