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The Gentleman

Magazine with fake F-Zero screen shot?

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Maybe someone can help me out. I've only got very sketchy information.

I seem to recall way back in the early-to mid 90's seeing a screenshot in a short-lived magazine that claimed to show an F-Zero sequel on the (said-to-be) forthcoming SNES CD-ROM. My memory was that it featured polygonal graphics, and struck me as pretty mindblowing. My memory is that the magazine had a small page count, but was printed on high-quality paper stock.

It's very possibly that I misunderstood what I was seeing at the time (I was pretty young!). Perhaps it was just an artist's mock-up on what was believed to be the system's capabilities, or maybe it was a PC game with a similar look to the SNES game.

Does anyone else remember this? And does anyone recall the name of the magazine (or if there is any chance it's here in the archive)?

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