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Unscanned Mags for donation, C&VG & Nintendo Magazines

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Hi sorry im new here so If this is in the wrong section I applogise,


I have physical Issues of Computer and video games magazines:

(below are ones that are already scanned on ths website, These are for sale / offers if anyone wants them, to see these issues I have look in the downloads area of this site to see what each issue looks like) I WILL BE GIVING ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, IF NOONE CONTACTS ME BY THEN THESE ISSUSES WILL GO IN THE BIN.

C&VG issues 201 to 211 & 197+198 these magazines are from 1998 - 1999 era.


i have 6 physical C&VG issues that are not scanned on this site, the issues are

issue 199






I am willing to donate these to this site HOWEVER I do not have access to a scanner or the time to do this as i work 50 - 70 hours a week. If someone could collect them itd be great / or if I can cover the cost of posting or shipping them to a user Ill send them asap, i think they will cost 5-9£ to post them all in the UK. OR IF SOMEONE WANTS TO COME AND COLLECT THEM PLUSS THE MAGAZINES ALREADY SCANNED AND I SELL THE JOBLOT TAHTD BE GREAT.

AGAIN if i dotn hear anything within a week these will all go in the bin as i am mooving house soon..


I have some official nintendo magazines to sell / offers, Pickup is prefered as magazines are heavy to post. Again it would be nice if someone could scan them but from my udnerstanding this is not allowed..

anyone interested PM me asap!

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Oooo... you have Nintendo Power">NP for sale? These are the issues that I still need for my own collection do you have any of them and what are their conditions and price. Oh and shipping magazines is really cheap, when you send through post office you request media mail. I got 2 years of Nintendo Power">NP for around $10 shipping several years ago... I'm sure it's still close to that price.


010 Batman

011 Super Mario 3

012 Super C

013 Mario 3 Strat Guide

014 Rescue Rangers

015 Ninja Gaiden II Strat Guide

016 Maniac Mansion

018 Dr. Mario


044 Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

045 Pugsley's Scavanger Hunt

046 Busters Busts Loose

047 Star Fox

048 Batman Returns

050 Links Awakening

051 Street Fighter II Turbo

053 Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

054 Secret of Mana

055 Death Vally Rally


074 Donkey Kong Land

076 Killer Instinct

077 Yoshi's Island

078 Mortal Kombat 3

079 Donkey Kong Country 3

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