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Ok, I am a super newbie since I joined today, I don't join forums often so I'm new to this, bare with me. I posted this in the help section by accident so I'm going to post this again here since this looks like the proper location, so E-DAY or who ever is in charge here, let me know if you can delete the help section version of this I posted or tell me how to do it, I can't seem to figure it out. ANYWAYS!!! Here it is............

Ok, I'd like to know if anybody plans on posting old issues of Tips&Tricks magazines on here from issue #1 till the last issue. I found out a month ago that the company got hacked down to just a code-book each month and after all these years Larry Flynt or whatever his name is decides that porn is more important than a magazine worth having, lol, even though porn is cool to a degree to me, this is probably the worst news I heard about since the death of Christopher Reeve. I definitly think that this magazine should 400% be preserved because it was a very usfull magazine and I feel it deserves it here along with the others, I can't find any magazines anywhere for back issues that far and I was really excited to find this site and a section for them until I noticed there is only one T&T magazine posted. I found a few old issues (3) on the web as a download somewhere else and was going to offer them up here until i read the opening FAQ. It must of been from here because it has a retro mag page in it, but they are not here. Anyways, if somebody would post the old issues that'd be awesome!!!

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