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Dark Souls

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Just got done beating the game twice (first playthrough took 50 hours, second playthrough took 10 hours). Amazing game/atmosphere. If you digged Demons souls, you gotta pick up dark souls. The guide was also well done and well worth it (I think Amazon has it on sale for 14 bucks). Bandai did cheap out on the collectors edition though. I hope atlus picks up the rights for the third game (on PS4?).

Granted, there are issues to be fixed (soul glitch, invincible spell, scaling weapons being useless, and the broken multiplayer), which can hopefully be addressed via a patch. Even with these issues, I still had a blast for 60 hours. Heck, I'm thinking of starting a new character from scratch. The game is just too addictive and feels like an old-school game.

Now where is our Otogi 3, FROM?

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