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GamePro is No More


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Hello all, first post here :)

I haven't read GamePro in years, so I'm not overly sad to see it go. I never cared that much for it because I always thought the mag was far too "exuberant" in much of their coverage, and they used far too many exclamation points for my taste. Perhaps I didn't read enough of their issues, but I always felt like the writers had a tendency to use more hyperbole and less factual analysis. I also really remember their goofy (yet strangely affecting) rating system:


I think I still have a handful of GamePro mags in my collection at home along with various other random gaming mags from back in Junior High and High School. I let my subscription to the one mag I actually read regularly (VG&CE) lapse a few months after Andy Eddy left as Editor in Chief because that mag started to look and read a lot like GamePro, which disappointed me. Still, GamePro did provide a lot of years of gaming coverage, even if the mag (during it's peak, anyway), was not to my taste. From that perspective, it's hard to see it die, but then the magazine business in general is dying off. That's kind of a sad thing as well, because I much prefer to hold the product in my hand. I say this as an IT guy who just got an iPad (with the Retina display) and has been geeking out on free digital comic books. But my comics collection at home (though small) is great in paper form, and I even still get all my IT-related magazines in print format at the office because I prefer to thumb through the articles that way. Granted, I read a TON of stuff online, and read a lot of gaming blogs that are more geared to my somewhat retro-leaning tastes (Nintendo Legend, 8-bit City, etc), but the fact that in-print publications are starting to "go the way of the buffalo" is an unfortunate side-effect of the digital age.

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