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Leisure Suit Larry returns to his roots

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It´s only about six months ago that this was announced, but I only just found out about it, so for anyone else who didn´t know about it:


In short, Replay Games has acquired the LSL franchise, and is bringing back series creator Al Lowe and other members of the old Sierra Online crew, to work on a HD remake of the first Larry game, and possibly the rest of the original series, as well as making new Larry sequels in the future. This was great news for me, three things I miss are the point-and-click adventure games of yore (the Monkey Island re-release has been a pleasant nostalgia trip for me), the cartoony animated art style of the classic adventure games as opposed to the 3D graphics of modern adventure games, and of course the original Larry, and this HD remake seems to combine all three, if the image in the article is an actual screenshot at least.

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I guess a remake of the first game might be viable, despite already having one remake, to remind people of the series' roots. But there's no need for them to get bogged down with redoing the whole series. Leave it to GoG to let people catch up on the rest of the true series (1-7). No one knows what could happen tomorrow, so they need to have Al Lowe work on a new game's story while they have the chance.

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