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Ds Lite/superpass Ii Compatability?

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I recently bought a DS Lite and it's much better than the old one but when I plug in SuperPASS II with SuperCard to try and run a DS rom on it, it doesn't get past the boot up screen. Yet, on the SuperPASS II box and everywhere I've read so far, it says that it is compatible with the DS Lite. :huh:

Is there's something I'm missing here? Do I need to do something to get it to work? The supercard itself works fine in the DS Lite because GBA roms work through it.

Thanks all

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I was lookin on the official site just after I posted this, philly, and looks like you're right: .. but I need a parallel cable and I don't have one laying around. This is such a pain, why can't this 'programmer' device just do it all down the USB cable?

eDIT: I actually don't need a parallel cable at all, and it just plugs clumsily into the printer port as it is. This is queer enough without having to do the most stupid and awkward and just plain inconvenient thing to get the supercard to boot into NDS mode:

Session 3 :How to use SuperPass 2?

How to use on SuperPass 2 with the SuperCard on NDS?

1. Copy the *.gba and *.sav file which in the SuperPass 2 installed folder with the same front name of firmware to CF/SD card Root.

For Example: "AUSE-0.gba" and "AUSE-0.sav"

2. Do not insert SuperPass 2, only Insert SuperCard, Turn on NDS to GBA mode and run the "AUSE-0.gba" file whick in you SuperCard.

3. Insert SuperPass 2 with your original NDS cart and then turn off the NDS power.

4. (For SuperCard CF and SD version only)Turn on the NDS again quickly, better in 10 seconds. Now, you can enter NDS mode, play Games in SuperCard or FlashMe your NDS Bios now.

(For SuperCard Mini SD version only)You can turn on the power of NDS at any time.

Note: (For SuperCard CF and SD version)Each time you turn off the NDS more than 20 seconds, you need to do the procedure again.

(For SuperCard Mini SD version only)You do not need to do the procedure again, unless you can not enter NDS mode.

All I can say to that is.. WTF?! Plug in the SuperPASS *while the system is switched on*? Queery In addition to the arsing around involved: Is this even SAFE? I don't want the DS Lite to suddenly go POP! Looks like it's less hassle with the Supercard Mini version but still, it requires arse ache.


Thanks all.

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