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This past week, I noticed that there was a ton of spam on Retromags. Examples of which include.....

"Tiger UpperCut"
"Thats a cool game"

What did all of these have in common? Well for one thing they added nothing to the conversation. The second thing is that they are all 3-5 word replies that were crafted to get to 25 posts. Once I started to lock down things to prevent this, that is when it got worse. One of the spammers was creating clone accounts and making 25 posts, he would then download under each account. When I took away the "privilege" of downloading files for people with less than 25 posts, this guy threw a tantrum. He took it upon himself to post the usernames and passwords of all the accounts he created, and told people to use his accounts to download as much as they wanted. So I locked down things even further! Then he resorted to coming to Retromags and creating more and more accounts. That is when I went through all the accounts for this year and started looking for any accounts that looked suspicious.

In the end I removed somewhere around 200+ users and 500 posts. Again I was looking for short replies, that came from accounts that were not really filled out, and that the posting stopped at around 25 posts. I am sure some of the 200 users I deleted, may have been legitimate. You are welcome to join again, but as of this week Retromags is going to become a Zero Spam website. You are all more than Welcome to post on this website, but it needs to be done in a constructive manner. We don't need members to just come sign up and reply to the first 25 topics they see. There is breaking news every day, especially in the video game industry. Poke around the internet and see what people are talking about, then come start a topic about it over here. It doesn't even need to really be about video games, it could be about a new movie you saw, or about your recent promotion at work. In the end, remember this......there is a ton of work that is put into creating these digital copies of video game magazines. The only thing we are asking you to do, is come join us on this site and chat us up a bit.

As of this week, there are some new safe guards in place.....

  • Downloads are disabled for NewComers (Temporarily)
  • Locally Stored Files have been Removed from this site (Permanent)
  • NewComers can only post 5 posts per day (Temporarily)
  • A NewComers first 15 posts need to be approved by a Moderator (Temporarily)
  • Moderators are being informed to be more critical of short posts/replies (Permanent)

Understand that the more time that is wasted fixing the mess that spammers create.....the less time I have to fix the MegaUpload links! We want you to be able to download the magazines, really we do! Providing some of the files directly from Retromags was a very temporary fix. If we just let you guys go crazy with downloading directly from this site, the site would be shut down. To have someone circumvent our system to suit their own needs, just can not be allowed!

I hope this clears things up for those who were confused as to what happened.


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