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Read Before Posting A Deal!

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Daily Deals has been created as a productive way to increase your post count. Please note that you must have at least 15 posts already on the forums before you are allowed to post in this section.

Please note the rules that are posted at the top of this section!

Daily Deals Rules!

Please abide by the following rules!

  • You need 15 posts to use this section.
  • Only submit ONLINE deals!
  • Verify that the deal has not already been posted.
  • Deals that link to other deal websites will not be approved!
  • You must link to the product, on the website the sale is on!
  • Links with affiliate codes embedded will not be approved!

First you will need at least 15 posts outside of this section, in order to post here! This is simply to prevent users from signing up to Retromags and posting 25 deals all at once.

The second rule is that you may only post deals that exist on the internet. The reason for this is that we (Retromags) have no way to verify if something is on sale at a local store. This also eliminates people spamming this section with fake deals.

The third rule is pretty simple, make sure someone hasn't posted the deal already.

The fourth rule and fifth rules are pretty similar. If you are going to copy a deal from Slickdeals, CheapAssGamer or another website that regularly post "deals". Then your post should point to the end result and not them. The exception to this is sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial, AmazonLocal and Woot. Also any deal that is posted in this section, must contain a clickable link to the deal!

The last rule is that you will not purposely post affiliate links. If we see you inserting your Amazon or Groupon affiliate code into the URL's. They will be erased and you will be beaten with a rubber hose!

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