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Anyone have :) Also paste your taste.


I'm Into Shoegaze, 90s diy punk, Post-punk, No wave, Old school Hip-hop and good contemporaries, House, 2-step garage, broken beats, glitch.. Various forms of metal. etc.

Let's talk :D

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absolutely - bawitback


into mostly alternative, dark wave, video game music. i'm surprised you can use the image chart still - I remember when once had a generator where you can create your own.

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I'm mostly a fan of instrumental music, especially solo piano, ambient & dark ambient, (some) drone, game soundtracks (Squaresoft, anybody?) and gothic. I can't seem to figure out how you guys posted the track list, so I'll just list some of my favorite groups/bands here:

Necrophorus (dark ambient)

Grey Frequency (dark ambient/experimental)

Steve Roach (experimental)

Midnight Syndicate (gothic/dark ambient)

Silent Hill 3 soundtrack

Tokimeki Memorial Piano Collections 1, 2 & 3 (piano)

Brian Eno (ambient)

Danny Wright (piano)

Assemblage 23 (gothic)

Northaunt (ambient)

Edge of Dawn (dark/future pop)

Psykosonik (techno)



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