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Let’s All Watch a Nintendo 3DS Melt in a Microwave. Then Turn up on Ebay For $2241

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That way we can share the experience. I know that as far as back as Day of the Tentacle I've been interested in seeing the effects of putting things in a microwave that are not designed to go in a microwave, but have been too cowardly ( to do it.

Thanks heavens for the internet, then, because now we can watch this guy torch one in the name of "art". Your mileage on that may vary, and your willingness to buy the melted 3DS for $2241 on eBay may be non-existent, but let's not stop that self-indulgent baggage get in the way of a good old-fashioned "watching shit melt in a microwave" video on YouTube.

For the impatient, the action starts around 1:12 in.

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Can I just say this sort of thing really, really irritates me? If you don't want it, pass it on to somebody who does, don't just wreck it for the hell of it. :(

I shall say no more on the matter.



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