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Requesting Magazine Cover Scans

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I'm looking for a few magazine cover scans for a small project I've been working for the past few months. This is a small project about Resident Evil 1.5 (also known as BioHazard 2 Prototype), the Resident Evil 2 beta that Hideki Kamiya and Shinji Mikami were creating before being scrapped and replaced by the retail product. This game is of much interest to the Resident Evil community because unlike most betas, it was completely different from the final product, with most of its assests being deleted or significantly changed. In my project, I decided to include magazine scans that cover its development cycle, screenshots from the final beta that show a sense of the game's progression and video footage with respective source.

I'm creating this topic in hope that this community can provide me with a few magazine cover scans so collectors interested in getting their hands on those magazines have an easier time finding them. Plus, I believe it will make that section more neat and organized, especially for those who see it the first time.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Game Informer Issue #54

Gamefan Books Resident Evil 2

Games Master Issue #48

Official U.K Playstation Magazine Horror Special 1999

Tips & Tricks Issue #37

Only the magazine cover scans. I'm fine with the standard resolution of RetroMags (900 per 1200 pixels, if I'm not mistaken). Also, there's two magazine cover scans that I'd like to request with a custom resolution:

Hyper PlayStation Re-Mix Vol. 4 (1235 per 1540 pixels)

GamePro Issue #99 (1549 per 2020 pixels)

And that's pretty much it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for reading!

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As of this moment I have nearly single magazine cover of the respective magazine scan (60 covers).

Unfortunately, I'm missing 2 of them:

Games Master Issue #48 (November 1996)
Tips & Tricks Issue #37 (January 1998)

Please, if anyone has any of these two, scan them. I'll give you full credit.

Thank you.

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Kegluneq, if you still need it, I have Issue 99 of GamePro. Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner, but I do have a pretty decent camera if that would do. Just send me a PM or let me know if you still need it.

Very interested to see what you come up with, I was incredibly excited to play Resident Evil 2 in its initial form. Now all we have is some video, pictures, interviews, etc... but still no game. Happened with RE4 as well.

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