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Nintendo M82 Store Display for Sale

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Wow, I never actually remember seeing one of these as a kid. But for the die hard NES need to have this bad boy! With 48 hours left on the bidding, I am going to be watching this to see what the final price is!


I am re-listing this item in an auction format after having too many deals fall through at the last second when I previously had it listed as best offer. My loss is your gain!

This listing is for the Nintendo M82, complete with the rarely seen arcade-style cabinet. This has been the centerpiece of my collection and I'm sorry to let it go, but I've got too many other things going on and collecting has kind of fallen to the wayside for me, so I think it's time that this went to someone who can really appreciate it.

For those who aren't familiar with the M82, it was an in-store demo system used by Nintendo to let people try out games. The cool thing about this is that it has 12 cartridge slots, so the store could have 12 different games loaded in their demo machine - customers could cycle through the different games without needing to have them removed and replaced with a new game. There was also a timer built in to it to keep kids from hogging the machine all day. I think mine is set to the max, but I've honestly never played it long enough to see it reset.

I don't think I have to tell you how rare this is - the M82 by itself is pretty difficult to come by, but the cabinet that goes with it almost never shows up - I only know of a handful of these in collectors hands anywhere. The cabinet has a locking storage area below the M82 that you could use to store your games or whatever else you want. Right now, I have M82 accessories in there:

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