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Your wishlist, if money was of no concern

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Got the first 2. Wouldn't mind a pool table but they require a lot of room and a second player...

I tell ya if you have any interest in a pin and got some cash to spare, eBay might still have a bunch of them around. People need the cash and are clearing out what they can, meaning buyers have the advantage. Moreso if you're willing to put a little work into a fixer-upper. I got what I feel was a great deal on mine because it needed a little work and wasn't quite collectors quality new. Although if you want a brand new machine then those will cost a few extra. I'd love to have more if money and space wasn't an issue.

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Ah, if money was no object...

Sarah Brightman Concert Tickets For My Fiancee and Myself


An Atari Jaguar...


...w/ CD Attachment...


...and Aliens vs. Predator (naturally)

Enough Money to Open and Maintain a No-Kill Animal Sanctuary For Rabbits


And Finally...A Wedding Ring For Said Fiancee


Whew... :)



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This beautiful house:


An Afterburner Deluxe arcade cab


A MAME arcade cab


A big library


A telescope


And all my favorite videogame consoles:



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always wanted a Skee-Ball table. that would be high on my list.

(blow up doll optional)

Either the Simpsons arcade game cabinet or the X-Men arcade game. both are staples of growing up.


other than that, i'd just buy a shit ton of video games to round out my (already sizable) collection. 

non-gaming related, i'd pick up my dream car.



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I would go for:

A big house like this one, but bigger and custom built, with a topless maid and topless pool girl and topless female chef and topless female gardener. It would be equipped with loads of solar panels, geothermal heating/cooling, and a grey water system. It would also be as automated as possible.

a 2002 Limited Edition Pontiac Trans Am Firebird among a variety of cars

100 acres of land

in the country so i could use my telescopebeletsky_lasilla_23.jpg

And a bunch of stuff for in the house, like a pool table, air hockey table, original games and consoles, a ridiculously large TV, full Dolby Atmos sound system, triple wall ovens, giant fridge, a cold room for hanging Italian sausages made by the topless female sausage maker, large aquarium, my own server rack to be able to serve media anywhere in the house so my DVDs and Blu-ray and UHD Blu-rays stay safe and scratch free.

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Spacetime machine with predestination paradox resolution so I could be a person capable of enjoying things, instead of a walking corpse with the ghostly desires befitting a lich. Barring that? It takes energy for me to compose such a list. No photos.

A large swath of land not too distant from a highway leading to "civilization" far from a leftist hive, and a modest home to set upon it.
Enough funds to live well, without having to kill myself at work.
A decent Internet connection.
A laboratory for my science projects.
A workshop for my mechanical projects.
A computer lab for the most nightmarish daisy chain of computers imaginable.

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