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Raiding Habbo Hotel

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I just had to post this up ......This is quite possibly the funniest thing i have seen done in a virtual chatroom yet .....A few websites have raided the Habbo Hotel .....Its basically a Chat Program that allows you to go and play in virtual enviroment .....Well these websites have basically flooded the rooms with Afromen

Yes i said Afromen ......When you sign up to Habbo Hotel .....Make your character look like the following

Black Male

Black Afro

Grey Suit

Grey Pants

Grey Shoes

Enter any room and you should see 10-15 Afromen dancing ......Maybe i am the only one who finds this funny ......Some of the Afromen block the passage way to the pool and shout things like




I invite you to join me in this entertaining adventure ......Lets see how many Dancing Afromen we can get in 1 room does not condone the blocking of exits to the pool or to any exit or entrance on Habbo ....We do Condone Getting our Afro Dancing On

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That's funny. I wish I could read what they were saying.

You dont have to .....Just create that character i described and enter Rooftop Revenge or Habbosphere Pool Deck .....and you can laugh at all the crazy stuff being said :cool:

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