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Star Wars bought by Disney.....Welcome to the Dark Side!


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"Star Wars" fans were divided over the news that the Walt Disney Co. had purchased LucasFilms for a hair over $4 billion and announced a "Star Wars VII" for as early as 2015.

While many noted that Disney had purchased Marvel and done wonders with the "Avengers" franchise, die-hard "Star Wars" fans were having a hard time swallowing the news, especially on the social blog Tumblr. Here then are some fans who would rather have had Mickey’s mitts kept off of Luke and Leia.

“so apparently disney is buying lucasfilms for 4billion USD and then going to make a star wars 7. JUST NO :( Star Wars ended perfectly if they ruin- which they probably will, it i will throw tomatoes in their faces.” -- chocolatefudgeyouexternal-link.png

“I’m litteraly crying about this Disney Star Wars thing guys. just… I don’t want this *Sobs*” -- vikishusexternal-link.png

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