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Nintendo NES Virus & Dr. Mario Prototypes on eBay

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For only $120,000? :blink:



This auction is for three (3) different first-party NTSC prototype versions of what would later become the game Dr. Mario for the NES. Each one of these unique cartridges represents a different phase in the development of this title.


Virus (1989): Found at a flee market in San Antonio, TX, in 2010 and then sold to me. This is the earliest known prototype version of Dr. Mario, or Virus if you will.

Virus (1990): Found by a guy in California in mid 2008 while helping his friend to move. In July, 2008, it was sold to a Norwegian collector who then sold it to me. This build is from February 2, 1990.

Dr. Mario (1990): I bought this cartridge directly from a source in 2008. It was used to take screenshots for the Nintendo Power magazine.


Dr. Mario was eventually released in Japan at the end of July, 1990, and in the United States in October, 1990.

First-party Nintendo prototypes are very rare and hard to come by. This is an opportunity for you to own an important part of Nintendo history. These have not been publicly released. All three cartridges work flawlessly on the first try when popped into my American NES. I believe the owner should be free to do whatever they wish with things like these, so I will delete the backup files I made once the buyer receives the cartridges.

Shipping is free worldwide. I accept PayPal, but I also accept payment on pickup if that would be preferred.

The cartridges are being sold "as is", but have been tested to work. Please also see my other Nintendo prototype auctions.

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