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  1. 1. What aspect of the Wii's online functionality are you looking forward to the most?

    • Online Multiplayer Gaming
    • Downloading Classic Games for the Virtual Console
    • Getting game demos and other bonus materials
    • I don't care about the Wii's online functionality

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Although Nintendo has yet to announce a lot of details about the Wii, The online functionality will be something new for Nintendo's consoles (not counting the DS and Japan's cell phone connectible Game Boy Color). We know that gamers will be able to compete online, download classic games for use with the Virtual Console, and download other content such as game demos. This poll is to assess which aspect of the new online functionality gets you most excited.

As a retrogamer I'm excited for the virtual console feature but if I'm to be honest with myself I'll have to admit that I'll probably have more fun competing against friends online. I haven't had much experience with online gaming aside from the DS so I'm really looking forward to that feature. The ideal situation for me would be for Nintendo to built online functionality into the classic games so that I could play Nintendo 64">N64 classics like Goldeneye (if Goldeneye is even available, see my post about this HERE), Mario Kart 64, and Dr. Mario 64 with friends who live 500 miles away. Whether or not Nintendo will do anything along these lines is yet to be known.

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