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Question about Electronic Gaming Monthly Mini-Strategy Guides

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I am glad that I have found this great forum, and looking forward to being a member here. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here knows which issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly each "EGM Strategy Guide" came with. For example, the EGM Strategy Guide for Killer Instinct 2 came with the May 1996 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, and would like to know which issues the other strategy guides came with. Thank you to anyone that replies.

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No problem! We had a wiki in the past, but everything had to be hand-entered, very few people used it, and even fewer people knew of its existence. I think the new database concept that Phillyman's working on rolling out will be a huge boon for information like this. I hope you'll stick around to check it out once we get it up and running. :)


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Thank you for the information, Areala. The database sounds interesting and useful.

Here is a list of the Electronic Gaming Monthly issues that I know came with an EGM Strategy Guide:

April 1996: Return Fire

May 1996: Killer Instinct 2

June 1996: Toshinden 2

July 1996: Blazing Dragons

August 1996: Steel Harbinger

EGM Strategy Guides that I don't know which issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly they came with:


Tekken 2

Donkey Kong Country 2

Ultimate Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Trilogy



Project Overkill

Black Dawn

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