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Schloss Ritter

Near Misses

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Just missed out or lost out on three items to finish my complete-in-box Vectrex collection.

Light Pen & Art Master

Ebay Item #230925150798
went for about as much as I expected, but I slept through the end of the bidding and would have probably ended up paying at least $300 if I tried to snipe.

Animaction: Ebay Item #330870443563
Melody Master: Ebay Item #230925521135
Holy cow, didn't expect each of these to go for over $200, especially after seeing the other one that includes the Light Pen go for under $300. And both were only $30ish with five minutes of bidding to go, but shot up like crazy in the last minute with competing snipers. I knew they were somewhat rare, but this...

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