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Nintendo Magazine System UK

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Have you ever heard of Nintendo Magazine System UK? I'm pretty sure some people are too lazy to scan them.

Most people frequenting this site are USA based so don't have ready access to the UK magazines rather than being 'too lazy' to scan them. Quite frankly your attitude sucks making asinine comments like that!! Then again, you are probably just another leecher who doesn't contribute towards anything and rather just takes, takes, takes etc .....

Oh yeah .... if you want NMS UK try While you are there have a moan over there about how they only have 10 issues or so and see where that gets you!!

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Look at it this way.

90% of the people who frequent this site are after or into console based magazines rather than older computer gaming. If any of the scanners around here had Nintendo mags you can bet they would already have been up here by now given the volume of Nintendo Power, EGM and other mags already here. That they aren't is a reflection of the demographic for the site. Most people here are USA/Canada based so don't have access to UK mags. Same goes for Australian and New Zealand residents where in a lot of cases the publisher released area specific versions of the magazines. NMS is one of those where an AUS/NZ version was released rather than shipping over UK versions.

Then there are magazines like Nintendo Official Magazine where they did the same but no-one must like them or something because there are almost no scans available whatsoever.

You will get answers to your questions and they are likely to be more polite if you don't go telling people they are lazy.

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