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Mario Kart Ds Help Needed

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OK MKDS fans, I need some help. I am trying to unlock all of the staff ghosts in time trial mode for the retro courses and the only one that I can't seem to get even though my thumbs are sore and worn raw is SNES Donut Plains 1. My best time is 1:14:564 using Bowser and ROB-LGS.

I have tried a lot of different kart/racer combinations but nothing has gotten me a shorter time so far. I powerslide at every available opportunity and mushroom boost through the shortcut on every lap but I just can't seem to get my time down enough to unlock the staff ghost. I have looked at the info at but I can't find any tips that help.

I have the feeling that there's a kart/player combination that I am missing that will shave a second or two off of my time. I would appreciate any suggestions from people who have managed to unlock the staff ghost for this track.

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