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Can we start restoring links now?


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I already made a thread discussing the issue of this website still being down for a severely long time. The response I got was that there are so many magazines to upload by the owner that it will take a very long time to restore the site.

Well okay, that is understandable. But lets be honest, it will take over a year before this site is restored at the rate it is currently going. So how about this idea: Each week, restore magazine links little by little so that we can start downloading magazines again. I would much rather have just a few new magazines available for me to download each week then wait over a year to have access to all magazines at once.

So how about we start by restoring "Video Games and Computer Entertainment"?

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Hey magazine_guy7!

No one is more anxious to restore Retromags to its former glory than I :)

With that being said, we are about 2 weeks away from launching Retromags 2.0. When RM 2.0 is launched, the following two sections of Retromags will be gone....

Old Download Manager @ http://community.retromags.com/files

Temporary Download Manager @ http://community.retromags.com/forum/87-magazine-download-section/

The Old Download Manager was the one that was destroyed when MegaUpload was shut down and has a ton of invalid links. I set up the Temporary Download Manager so that at least 900 out of 1100 magazines are available to our members. Once RM 2.0 is released, it will allow all of our members to edit download links to the magazines, it will also serve as our new magazine wiki.

Hang tight, we are almost to the point where we can not only fix the links, but ensure that this type of catastrophe can never happen again!


PS - See attached image for a sneak preview of the new Download/Wiki section. Still working out a few of the finer details, but it will give you an idea of where we are going. The majority of the items you see on that screenshot, will be editable by the members of this site. :)


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