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Retromags 2.0 Database Update!

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Wow, it is amazing that what was in my head 4 weeks now a functioning system that is beyond all expectations! Three years ago we started toying with the idea of expanding Retromags and creating a more robust system. Now that system is alive and kicking! This new system combines multiple systems into 1 super system. The Wiki, Video Game Database and Download Manager are all being merged into 1 system! The system is very friendly and super easy to use, if you can create a can use this system! We have already created 10,000 video game magazine records, and with those records.....we have imported over 50,000 pieces of information into this system. As I am writing this post, the Retromags database is growing bigger and bigger by the moment! At the time of launch we should already have 10,000 records populated with such information as.....

  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Year
  • Month
  • Issue #
  • Name

This system allows us to NEVER again be at the mercy of 1 download service! We have implemented an Official download source for our preserved magazines, as well as 3 (THREE) additional download sources! The system is smart enough to know our 1999 rule, and will not show download links to newer magazines. There is also a nightly routine that wipes out download links from any magazine that does not meet our requirements. The system works just like a wiki, so we can revert mistakes and malicious entries. This system also is scalable! What if we want to start allowing people to enter how many pages were in a magazine? What if we want to provide more download links? It is just as simple as us flicking a light switch! This entire setup would not be possible with static HTML pages, nor would it be as easy to use. We designed this system around the data and ease of use, as those have to be our highest priorities! Once data has been entered into this system, it can be manipulated ANY way we want! This gives us complete control over how to display data to the end users of this website.

I am very proud of what has been accomplished this far, and I really can not wait to unveil these new databases to you guys! While this process has not been easy, the end result is just amazing and will take us far beyond anything we could have imagined in the past 7 years!


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