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2 Rare Earthbound Posters & Two Zelda Link To Past Prints

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Auctions end May 19 2013

Zelda Posters from 7Hunters.Com Digital Arts Restoration eBay Auction


Eartbhound Strategy Poster, origin: Nintendo Power Magazine - I think this was issue 70... also inspired from Nintendo Power Magazine, a matching poster. The Earthbound Strategy poster is full poster size - 24x36"! It's a really cool poster. The smaller poster emulates the Nintendo Power Magazine insert posters, but is rounded off to 24x12" to address framing issues.

This auction also ends on the 19th. I only offer the strategy guide poster on auction. Because of its size it's harder to print and ship. Cheers!


:D A lot of people have been asking me where they can find digital copies of the old magazines online so that they can grab graphics and make their own posters or clip art. I have been sending them here. I know about this web site through one of my customers. I'll keep giving out the link! :D Cheers, and thank you very much for allowing an area for auction hosting. Feel free to delete my old auctions or I'll figure out how to etc. Thank you very much for all your hard work!!!!!

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