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Play Meter & Vending Times Magazines on Ebay

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I am needing some money so have decided to finally let go of some of my magazine collection. I have a huge lot of Play Meter and Vending Times magazines up for auction on eBay -

Play Meter -

Vending Times -

The Play Meters are in pretty great shape considering the age and only a couple are missing flyers that I have noticed. The Vending Times have not held up as well but most are complete outside of a couple of issues. I acquired both sets of these from an old operator long ago. I think some of the flyers could be sold out of the Play Meters for some decent money but I have no idea (Like a weird Gorgar one with a record?) I would donate them to scan but like I said I need some money or else I wouldn't even be selling them. I also have a vast collection of Nintendo Power, EGM, Strategy Guides, and Misc Magazines (FOUL, PSM, etc.) I'd be willing to possibly donate to be scanned or what not as a sign of goodwill to the community as I have downloaded various pdf's that others donated throughout the years and have enjoyed them. If anybody knows of any specific issues that are needing donated to be scanned let me know.

Thanks for looking, and thanks to all the contributors over the years!

- Dustin

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