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IrishNinja    0

Hey all, haven't been on since the old site but I have a few issues i'm hoping to upload later - had some quick questions though, as I used to have an extensive gaming mag collection before a flood here years back...

I've replaced many of my Nintendo Power & a few years of GamePro, but I can't seem to find Game Players (Ultra as well) anywhere online, except a few spotty/overpriced issues on eBay. was it just not as popular?

Also, ive got a guy offering about 4 years of GameFan, but he wants $200 and nearly half that to ship, which seems really high but I don't know what they go for now...assuming good condition, does that sound reasonable?

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Areala    25,515

Depending on what issues the guy selling GameFan has, that could be a very good price, or an incredible deal. Early issues of GameFan routinely sell for upwards of $100 alone, to say nothing of complete years. Shipping is going to be killer no matter what, because GameFan was printed on high-quality paper that was heavy as balls. $300 for four years' worth of the mag is almost certainly a steal. :)

Game Players, I think, was seen as a second-tier publication to the likes of the big-three (EGM, GamePro, and Nintendo Power). That translates to lower sales numbers and fewer copies around to find, and thus a higher price. A shame, really, as it's not a bad mag at all. Just never quite got the exposure of the big boys. :)


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