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"The 3DO Update II" [VHS / 1993] Video Dump | Come visit my Blog too please!

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Good evening RetroMags, its that time again where I release VHS video rips on YouTube! This time I bought from eBay a marketing VHS made for licensees to cover the Summer 1993 CES press coverage, the Trip Hawkins presentation, and a 3DO promotional video, to persuade them of the potential the 3DO console (might have) had at the time. I've had this for months now and it was only a week ago or so that I finally decided to upload all the footage online and share it to the internet. Along with a complimentary hand-signed letter, the VHS tape features four segments that can be found separately as videos in the link to my blog post below, where I briefly go over the background of the letter, the VHS contents and the reasons why Trip Hawkins thought the 3DO is going to be the biggest 1990s product in stores since the VCR. If you're interested, please give it a look.

The 3DO Update II [VHS / 1993] Collection | Insight and Mini-Rundown

I also like to take this opportunity to advertise my gaming blog I call The Game Informant, a gaming blog where I post about gaming niches, trivia, fun memes, and other bits of interest, among other off-topic subjects. I have more blog posts were that came from (recently I've posted about Japanese magazines that I've been scanning lately) and I hope more people come to visit my blog and follow.

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