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November Status Update For Retromags

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Ideally I would like to announce Retromags 2.0 on November 15th 2013! That leaves me a week or so to get the final touches on the USA section of the database. At the moment the following databases are hidden from public view.....

These sections are not ready just yet......but I hope to turn my efforts to them as soon as the USA Magazine Database goes live. The USA section was the most complicated section, due to the sheer number of download links that needed to find homes, and also the learning curve of dealing with getting the information into this system. I have now become much more efficient with importing data.....and hopefully things go smoother with the next set of databases.

While the UK Magazine Database has almost twice the number of records as the USA only has around 180 download links to import. We also don't have near the amount of images in the Gallery to match up to records.

The Publication Database is for generic information on a specific magazine. If you remember our old wiki, this will replace that. (If anyone wants to help copy and paste data into this section, let me know)

The Strategy Guide Database will be for any and all Strategy Guides that have been scanned. I hope to build a list of every single guide ever released by Nintendo, Prima, Bradley Games....etc. Again this should not take very long at all to set up.

The Video Game Database will be a database that contains every single game that has ever been made! I may start off with a smaller goal of getting all the games from the Odyssey to the Nintendo 64">N64 at first.

So those are the remaining databases, so what is left to deal with on the USA section of the Database?

1) I need to link the remaining files that are currently on Rapidshare, but I have yet to place their links in the correct locations of our Database. Look for these records to start having download early as tonight!

  • Atari Explorer [Jul/Aug 1988]
  • Game On! USA Issue 1
  • Video Games Volume 1 Issue 4 January
  • Game Players Buyers Guide to Nintendo Games 2-5
  • Game Player's Nintendo Buyer's Guide Winter 1988
  • Game Players Nintendo Guide Issue 043 February 1993
  • Game Players Nintendo Guide Issue 044 March 1993
  • Game Players Sega Genesis Strategy Guide 1-1
  • Game Players Sega Genesis Strategy Guide Vol 2 No 5
  • Game Players Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games Volume 01 Issue 02
  • Game Players Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games Volume 01 Issue 03
  • Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine Issue 00 June 1999
  • Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine Issue 012
  • Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine Issue 01 September 1999
  • Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine Issue 01 September 1999 (working link)
  • 1993 Video Game Buyer's Guide
  • 1995 Video Game Preview Guide
  • 1998 Video Game Buyer's Guide
  • 1999 Video Game Buyer's Guide
  • EGM 3-D November 1995
  • EGM Presents 1994 Video Game Preview Guide
  • EGM's 1993 Video Game Preview Guide
  • EGM's 1994 Video Game Preview Guide
  • EGM's 1995 Video Game Preview Guide
  • EGM's 1997 Show Guide to E3
  • EGM's SNES Holiday Shoppers Guide Christmas 1993
  • EGM's Super NES Holiday Shopper's Guide Christmas 1993
  • EGM Top Score 1989
  • EGM Video Game Preview Guide
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly 1992 Video Game Buyer's Guide
  • EGM2 Issue 50 August 1998
  • Official US Playstation Magazine Vol 2 Iss 7

2) Then I need to take the files that E-Day, KiwiArcader and Areala have sent to me (Look here).......and upload them to Rapidshare, then export download links and enter those links into the appropriate places in the Magazine Database.

3) Next I will need to verify once more that all the records have entries for their most critical fields (the fields only E-Day and I can edit).....such as.....

  • Previous Issue
  • Next Issue
  • Year
  • Month
  • Publication Link
  • Publisher

4) Next I will need to check that any record in the Database that has a download link......does not have an "Image Missing" cover. More of a pet peeve of mine....but at present....there are only about 20 magazines that need to be fixed up.

5) Next I need to catch up on records that need creating, it has been about 5 months since I created the Game Informer section of the database. So before I launch I need to put the last 5 months worth of issues in there! Due to the way publications are dying around the USA.....I expect only a few publications that I need to do this on.

6) I need to convert the template that displays the Magazine that it shows the Publication records in a similar way.

7) I need to copy the information from the old RM wiki and the old Magweasel wiki.....into the Publication Database (at least for the USA records).

8) I need to email everyone and tell them the work is done!

I know it seems like a lot of work left to do, but I think within a week or two I should be done!

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