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SNES color change

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Hi there.

I have never searched for it (or maybe the question has been asked before), but anyone knows why some SNES got a brown-like tone and others not?

Here as example is my SNES:




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It involves the type of plastic used when manufacturing during that period. Amiga and Atari computers are affected by it the same way. Do a search for "Retrobrite", a concoction that when used changes the plastic and restores it back to the original colour. You just need to ensure it is created at a level where the plastic isn't affected by brittleness afterwards.

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Well, I bought my SNES in November 1991, which is the same year as the launch of the North American SNES. I would assume it was one of the earlier models released. It still looks the same way when I first bought it. The plastic chemistry is one reason. However, I believe that the plastic was more susceptible to heat, causing the change in color. I still believe that if you took care of it properly, the SNES would never turn brown. Here was how I took care of my SNES and every console that I owned since then.

1. Always played between 2-4 hours maximum and then turned it off for the rest of the day. The Sega Saturn, PS3, and Xbox 360 were the only systems I played for 6 hours straight, but that only happened a few times. Playing for too long will cause a lot of heat.

2. No exposure to sunlight, I always kept my consoles on a shelf that was hidden from any light source that could produce lots of heat. I never put it on the floor. Carpeting can cause extra heat.

3. I always had a dust cover for it when not playing. Dust accumulation can cause excessive heat while the system is on.

4. I kept it well ventilated and always had a lot space around the console. I realize that older consoles don't generate as much heat. But any electronic device can create heat and can still be bad for it.

5. During the summer, some consoles I would have a fan running directly on the console and/or circulating the room.

6. I never left the power adapter plugged into the wall. Notice that the big power adapter still gets heated even when the console is turned off. If it's plugged into a power strip, I would turn off the strip. I do the same for modern consoles too.

I know these things can be excessive to some people. But if you're a video game console collector, it is important that you take every measure to keep the original, mint condition look for many years to come.

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