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Nintendo Power, Issue 1 ePub


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Ever since I setup my NAS, I've been spending a bit of time each weekend archiving various forms of media that I've collected over the years. At my most recent job, I was tasked to code a web-based ePub reader for a publishing company that required me to learn a bit about the ePub specification.

As a result of my research, and as an experimental project, I decided to take Nintendo Power, Issue 1, and create an ePub file from scratch. It turned out really good, and reading the magazine on my iPad with the native iBooks app is quite an experience.

I was able to code a table of contents and started writing out all the text content of the magazine, for searching purposes, but only got a couple of pages deep before I realized how time-consuming that would be. It's still pretty cool, and creating the navigation document / metadata is pretty easy and interesting to do.

If you're interested in downloading it, I have it hosted one of my blogs: http://code.mrslayer.com/making-epubs-from-scratch/

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