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Magazine Database - Can fix up the Gallery

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Many of you may have noticed that our Image Gallery has some unusual naming conventions. With the introduction of our Magazine Database, we can provide a standard naming convention across the entire Gallery. Basically, when we enter the number of the Image into a Magazine record.....I can then export all that data and use it to mass rename the Gallery images. Last time I checked, 2302 out of 3633 Magazine Covers for the USA section had been attached. So a little over 63% of the USA Gallery section has been attached, and then I could use that information to fix up all those weird names like.....

Which you can kind of figure out that the 0809 part of the name refers to September 2008. But in the end it would change to .....

PC Gamer Issue 178 September 2008

Not only will I be able to mass rename tons of covers in our Gallery, but I will also be able to provide mass links back to the Magazine Database from the Gallery. So when you are viewing a magazine cover in the Gallery, there will be a link to the corresponding magazine record to click on.

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