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Magazine Database - Listing Template Changes

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Phillyman    403

When browsing the Magazine Database, I realize that the listing of magazine records could be a little bit better. If nothing else, it would be helpful when looking at this.....


To at least see the covers of all the magazines in that section. I could probably mimic the look of our Old Download Manager if I really tried.


I am pretty sure that any design I mock up, can be implemented in the end. I have even thought of maybe just having the Magazine Covers appear 3x4 and have the name underneath with an icon designating if there is a download link present or not. I just need to make up my mind and then have it coded out, but this change will be coming in the near future.

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RetroDefense    136

I like the 3x4 idea the best - it would make better use of horizontal space, imo.

It would also be nice if - along with preservation status - a magazine's synopsis and cover scan status were displayed as well. The cover thumbnail view you have planned would inherently answer the cover scan status, of course, but implementing this with the current browse layout would be very helpful as well.

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