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Retromags Contest Week 3 Winner - RetroDefense!


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Retromags 2014 Contest

Week 3 Winner - RetroDefense!

(January 12th 2014 - January 18th 2014)

Please take a moment to congratulate RetroDefense for his winning entry in which he indexed the following magazine!

Mega Play Issue 5 (July/August 1991)


Read How You Can Participate!

We still have 49 random magazines to give away, and a $500 Grand Prize.

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  • Retromags Curator

Haven't received it yet. I live in a rural area, though, so I'm not really surprised. :) I'll be sure to follow-up whenever it arrives!

That is my bad, I got side tracked and just mailed out both week 3&4 about 10 minutes ago. Both prizes should arrive to you guys by this Saturday afternoon.

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Did PSM readers actually use those lid stickers!?! ;)

Very glad to have a nice, readable copy of Nintendo Power #1! I'm a big Nintendo fanboy & NP is one of the few magazine series I'm hoping to collect in its entirety, variant covers and all. I own the NP #1 variant already, but it's in really rough shape - to the point where I'm almost afraid to read it. :)

Thanks, Phillyman - you've put me one step closer to my goal!

I think there are two more Nintendo Power issues in the contest I'd like to win - fingers crossed! :)

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