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Retromags Contest Week 4 Winner - Areala!

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Retromags 2014 Contest

Week 4 Winner - Areala!

(January 19th 2014 - January 25th 2014)

Please take a moment to congratulate Areala for her winning entry in which she indexed the following magazine!

Official U.S. Playstation Magazine Issue 21 (June 1999)


Read How You Can Participate!

We still have 48 random magazines to give away, and a $500 Grand Prize.

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Thank you both! You've been providing some great competition in these last weeks.

Hunter, I hope to see your name up here for week 5. Your Nintendo Power skillz are powerful and deserve recognition. :)


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I once indexed all my Nintendo Power">NP issues (1-60), but I don't have the text files any more. All I have left are the dot matrix printouts if that tells you how long ago that was heh. At any rate, I finally found out a few years ago that Nintendo Power">NP eventually printed indexes of their own, and I still have a download of a scanned copy of index version 3. However, I have never gone through and verified if it is completely comprehensive (my homemade index included main articles and minor mentions like Classified Info).

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