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Can YOU Provide Info on These Magazines to Retromags?

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So, whilst skimming through the collection in search of nifty things to index, I ran across Ultimate PC magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1 from April of 1998 (they put Lara Croft on the cover, so of course I bought it because shut up). Reading the editorial, it seems like this was a US branch of the UK mag of the same name, but I'm having a hard time finding out much about its print run. About all I've been able to discern in the publisher, Rapide, fell into bankruptcy sometime around 2000 and Ultimate PC got sold off.

Anyone here got any inside knowledge of when this happened and how many issues we'd need to get a complete DB entry? I'm obsessed with trying to index as many first issues as I can, but it's not in our US database list yet. :)


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