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Variant Covers display?


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With all the variant cover talk here lately (Nintendo Power #1 and the four EGM anniversary covers), I thought I'd suggest associating variant covers with their database entry. Would this be possible? Kind of like the planned association of supplements, posters, etc.

I know it's possible to upload variant covers to the Gallery, but it'd be cool if these would show up when viewing the issue's database entry. Maybe a thumbnail cover Gallery or something similar?

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I'm not a programmer, but a little Java applet that would rotate through a selection of image thumbnails might work for this? It would mean altering the database a bit and offering up the option to upload variant covers, but it doesn't seem like it should be too hard. :)


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From the outside looking in, I'd say it would be a matter of adding a new database field, then updating the Wiki form with a new text field. Probably the easiest way to handle the data - and staying consist with the current way of associating images - is to request a comma delimited list of cover IDs. Then just verify this data with form submission (is number, is valid list, do covers actually exist, etc), write to dbase, and you're golden!

A rotation would be nice, but personally, I'd really like to see them displayed side-by-side, just to compare. But a rotation fader would be cool with some variants - have everything aligned just right and the EGM logo would look like it was changing before your very eyes. :)

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Course I'm not familiar with the site's infrastructure, but would it be possible to leverage the existing Gallery Member's Album functionality? Perhaps create an album for any magazine with variant covers and/or supplements/posters/CDs?

In the frontend, you could add links to these albums in a magazine entry's Information block. Or maybe embed a thumbnail Gallery of the album after an entry's Content block. Really all depends on how you'd like to manage page load times and bandwidth, I suppose.

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