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Looking for a 1997 issue of Computer & Net Player


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Right.....the reason I joined this forum is quite simple: For the past decade and a half (MAN, I feel old), I've been searching for a specific issue of an obscure magazine called Computer & Net Player. This particular issue had John Romero's Daikatana on the cover (remember, this was 1997---nobody knew the game was going to suck back then), a fold-out ad for Shadow Warrior inside the front cover, and a ton of stuff that I can probably recite on cue if anyone wants more details. The mag was given to me as a reward for good behavior at school, and I read and reread it daily...

....until Mom threw it out because it was "in the way" while she was cleaning the living room.

The issue of her throwing the thing away has been settled, but that's done nothing to help me find any clues to the existance of Computer & Net Player. If anyone here has this thing, PLEASE let me know and provide me with a link to a scan of that issue.

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