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I have the following magazines available for scanning. I'm willing to send any/all of them to a person who will scan them and add them to the site:


1998: Feb, Mar, Aug-Dec

1999: Jan-Apr

Next Generation:

1998: Nov, Dec

1999: Jan-June

Video Games - The Ultimate Gaming Magazine

1994: Apr, May

Game Players/Ultra Game Players/Game Buyer

1993: Dec

1994: Apr-Aug, Oct-Dec

1995: Jan-May, July-Holiday

1996: Feb-Mar, Holiday

1997: Jan-Holiday

1998: Jan-June, July-Oct


1990: June

1992: March, May, Dec

1993: Feb, July, Oct, Dec

2000: Sept

Computer Gaming World

2001: Jan, Apr-Dec

2002: Jan-Mar

Nintendo Power

1990: May/June

1991: Jan, Mar

1992: Jan-Dec

1993: Jan-Dec

1994: Jan-Sept, Nov-Dec


1993: Dec

1994: Jan


1998: Aug

Guides/Special Inserts

*Complete Final Fantasy III Forbidden Game Secrets

*SimCity4 Deluxe Edition (Prima)

*2000 Video Game Buyer's Guide

*Expert Codebook (EGM Strategy Guide '98)

*GamePro Super Street Fighter II (Section 2 of 2)

*Super Game Boy (Nintendo Power?)

*Vortex (Game Players 1994)

*Jurassic Park (Nintendo Power)

*Street Fighter II (GamePro 4 of 4)

*Nintendo Power Index

*GoldenEye 007 (Brady Games)

*Final Fantasy VIII (Brady Games)

*Final Fantasy VII (Brady Games)

*Super Metroid (Nintendo Power)

*Classified Information (Nintendo Power)

*Top Secret Passwords (Nintendo Power Player's Guide)

*Riven: The Sequel to Myst

*Metroid: Zero Mission (Nintendo Power)

*Metroid Prime/Metroid Fusion (Prima)

Get back to me with which of the above you need for your site, along with an address to send them to, and expect delivery soon after the first of next month (June 2014). Any that are not needed are headed to the recyclers. Thanks in advance!

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If you are willing to ship to Canada, I will take all the magazones to scan. Some already exist on the site but could use a higher resolution scan.

If that's fine, let me know and I will send along my address.

I'll check on the rates to ship them all to you. If it isn't too expensive, I will send them up early June. If the price is out of this world, I'll let you know. Thank you!

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