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Versus Books strategy guides scans, links inside

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JohnSmith    35

I used to absolutely love the Versus Books brand of strategy guides back in the day. They were often really fun and had little extra sections in them devoted to musings about the game itself. They're probably the only strategy guides that you would actually want to look at even without playing the game.

Anyway, a long time ago I thought I would get into the whole magazine scanning thing. I scanned two of my favorite strategy guides, then ended up getting stuck at the upload part or losing interest. Today I was looking at this site and trying and find a magazine scan, when I remembered the scans I did. I put the raws together and edited them, and uploaded it as a CBR file to Here are the two guides for Resident Evil 2 & 3.

You can get the CBR files on archive by clicking on "HTTPS" in the "View the Book" box on the left of the page. It will take you to an FTP listing where you'll be able to download the CBR directly from the site:

I would upload them to this site, but I don't really know how to get around it, and there doesn't seem to be an FAQ for the new version of the site yet. If someone wants to upload them and format for this site, that'd be great.

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♦atik♦    12

Thanks a lot for these scans. I'm going to be playing Resident Evil 2 soon and I hope to buy Resident Evil 3 sometime in the future so these guide's are going to be a great help.

Thanks again :)

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