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couldn't find a good place to post this. doesn't really warrant a new thread but wanted to share anyway.

picked up the first issue of Nintendo Power off eBay the other day, and it got here today. i've looked at the scans a dozen times, but holding the actual issue in my hands gave me the infamous nostalgia blast. sat right down and read thru the whole thing for the 10000th time. that of course prompted me to play the NES (my favorite system). it was like being 8 years old all over again. but this time with beer.

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    • By retrochain
      I wasn't sure if this warranted a new thread, but in the interest of keeping things organized for everyone, I'm posting this here anyway. I've been in the process of selling off much of my retro game collection, and a portion of that is a small stack of magazines. Of the ones I have, two are classified as "Missing" in the database.
      Nintendo Power Vol 128 Nintendo Power Vol 143 They are in good condition, and so I would like to donate them to the cause to be scanned. That is, if they are not already in anyone's possession waiting to be scanned. I do not want them back, so I do not care what method you use to take them apart and scan them - as long as they are good quality scans, of course! I would prefer to ship inside the United States, but that is only a preference.
      If anyone is interested, feel free to ask questions here or message me.
    • By bluejaylink
      I have issues:
      168, 177, 190, 191, 199-202, 204-223, 229-252.
      I'm from southern Ontario
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      Hey all,
      I joined RetroMags in hopes of finding an interview from a 2004 issue of Nintendo Power in which Nate Bihldorff discussed the process of localizing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. I know that I once owned the issue in question but haven't been able to find my copy, so I would be tremendously grateful if someone familiar with the interview I'm describing could share scans with me or at least point me in the right direction to find the magazine in the database. Thank you!
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      I'm new here, and I can't download recent issues of Nintendo Power or ANY issues of Nintendo Force because they're "Not Allowed". Any way I can get them?
    • By Junaz
      Hey guys, I'm looking for the last 7 issues of Nintendo Power, june 2012 to december 2012 (279-285) please let me know if anyone is interested in selling!