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Pocket Games magazine


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Hi all,

In reply to Daggdroppen's request for GBA and NDS based magazines, I had mentioned Pocket Games and my plans to track down more info about the 'zine. Here's what I've found.

Sadly, it isn't much. The mag is surprisingly undocumented - not even the Great Wiki of Pedias has much to say about this publication. Most of my info comes from a former writer's online portfolio, actually. So I'm posting what I've found and hope we'll eventually be able to fill in the blanks. :)

Taking a cue from JohnSmith, here's a thumbnail Gallery of what I've managed to piece together thus far. Data includes the following, as printed with each issue's cover UPC:

Issue Number

"Display Until" date stamp

Seasonal stamp (if any)


Legend: ? indicates unknown or questionable, () sourced but unconfirmed, [] assumed, --- none.

Some notes:

Issue #17 included a DVD disc with extra content.

Issue #20 is the last issue I've been able to track down - it may not be the final issue.

"The magazine started out as repurposed content from EGM, but transitioned into mostly original content after the third issue." - Frank Provo


Frank Provo's online portfolio (former writer for Pocket Games). Great resource, with lots of scanned excerpts:


Detailed overview of the first(?) issue of Pocket Games:


If you'd like to see a scan of the DVD sleeve included with issue 17:


Cover scans here at Retromags (Unsorted Covers Gallery):

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