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"Revenge of the License" at Retro Gaming Magazine

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My brother has been a very busy bee, cranking out a weekly Sunday column for http://www.retrogamingmagazine.comcalled 'Revenge of the License'. It's a sometimes funny, sometimes educational look at video games based off licensed properties. He chooses a different game for a different system every week, and while the more amusing ones involve games that suck, he's not afraid to give props to licensed games that turn out great. :)

He also does his best to put things into historical context, and explain why things sometimes turned out the way they did (his entry for 'A Sound of Thunder' on the GBA is brilliant in this regard). In short, he's doing this "game writing" thing right, and so while you're waiting patiently for the next upload, or between filling in database entries, why not go give his column a read? He covers old computer games as well as console titles, so nothing is off-limits, and I guarantee you'll learn more about obscure licensed stuff than you ever knew you wanted to know. :)

Toss some clicks his way, and he'll give you some laughs in return. :)


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