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Video Game Database Mass Import!


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So many of you have probably noticed the tab at the top of Retromags with the label of "Games". You may have even tried clicking it and were presented with a blank page because you did not have rights to view the contents. I have recently changed the permissions on that tab giving everyone view only access. So why a Video Game Database? Well because it is going to eventually tie into the Magazine Database. The end goal is to have the following system......

[Magazines] <---> [Reviews] <---> [Games]

The Review Database will be an upcoming database that will act as a bridge between the Magazine and Game databases. Entering in the following information....

Next Generation Issue 75 reviewed The Bouncer for the PlayStation 2 with a score of 2 out of 5 stars.

Quoted as saying "The Bouncer manages to look good, but don't let that fool you into thinking that it's very fun."

This information would then automatically be associated with the Magazine Database record "Next Generation Issue 75" as well as the Game Database record for "The Bouncer" under the PlayStation 2 section. I am just ironing out some of the final details before I bring the Review Database to light. I am working on setting permissions for the Game Database, and hope to give everyone the ability to edit those records within the next couple days. If you look at the following examples (here, here, here), you will see that each record can have a custom featured image, YouTube video, and you can even attach video game advertisements from our Gallery to these records. Over the next few weeks you will see me importing thousands of video games into the Game Database. Below is a list of what will be going in (rough numbers).


Atari 2600 - 419 Games
Atari 5200 - 69 Games
Atari 7800 - 59 Games
Atari Lynx - 72 Games
Atari Jaguar - 67 Games
Atari Jaguar CD - 15 Games
Nintendo Entertainment System - 658 Games
Super Nintendo - 725 Games
Game Boy - 526 Games
Game Boy Color - 452 Games
Nintendo 64 - 296 Games
GameCube - 563 Games
VirtualBoy - 14 Games
Nintendo Wii - 441 Games
Nintendo Wii-U - 99 Games
Game Boy Advance - 1019 Games
Nintendo DS - 371 Games
Nintendo 3DS - 246 Games
Sega Master System - 114 Games
Sega Genesis - 697 Games
Sega Game Gear - 196 Games
Sega CD - 143 Games
Sega 32X - 34 Games
Sega Saturn - 245 Games
Sega Dreamcast - 252 Games
Sony Playstation - 1306 Games
Playstation 2 - ? Games
Playstation 3 - ? Games
Playstation 4 - ? Games
Playstation Portable - 821 Games
Playstation Vita - ? Games
Microsoft Xbox - 917 Games
Xbox 360 - ? Games
Xbox One - ? Games
Intellivision - 152 Games
Colecovision - 228 Games
Neo-Geo - ? Games
Odyssey - 27 Games
Panasonic 3DO - 129 Games
Phillips CD-i - 124 Games
TurboGrafx 16 - 94 Games

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