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Ultimate Gamer

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Thanks, PirateDragon! :) I remember "Ultimate Gamer" vanishing almost as quickly as it showed up, but I had totally forgotten it even existed until now. :)


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Some information on Ultimate Gamer that I've found: It was one of the few video game magazines back in the 90s published by Larry Flynt publications. It had a pretty decent group of talent, including Frank O'Conner - the same one that worked on a Xbox Magazine before joining Bungie and then 434 Industries - and lasted only six issues, though I'm pretty sure that it wasn't intended to last so short.

Rather interestingly, when the magazine was cancelled, the message in the issue said this:

If you subscribe to Ultimate Gamer, the remaining portion of your subscription will be serviced with copies of VideoGames magazine. If you prefer to receive VideoGames' Tips & Tricks magazine, or if you wish to receive a refund for the unserved portion of your Ultimate Gamer subscription, please fill out the coupon below. If you already subscribe to the magazine you have chosen as a replacement, we will simple extended your subscriptiong for the remain copies left on your Ultimate Gamer subscription.

...whereas with other magazines it might be a postcard in the mail or the realization that an issue hasn't come in a few months. Say what you will, but Flynt Publications was good to subscribers. At the very least, they didn't go down the EGM route by replacing it with issues of Maxim.

It premiered in July 1995 with an initial cost of $4.99. They said that one magazine described itself as the gaming bible (Next Generation) and then made the rather bold claim of "introducing the New Testament." Though in actuality, it seems to be more of a cross between EGM and DHGF trying to be NG with attitude. ...and that's about all I can find.

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